Rutgers Student Speaks Out Against Academic Aid For Illegal Immigrants [VIDEO]


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Rutgers University student and Campus Reform correspondent Aviv Khavich said he is frustrated by his school’s policy on illegal immigrants and believes they are disrespecting the rule of law.

The school hosted a job fair to help illegal immigrants gain admission to Rutgers and has created a new program to show other students how to assist illegals, according to Fox News.

“I’m frustrated but I’m not surprised,” Khavich said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday. “This is really the latest episode in a long series of Rutgers privileging illegal aliens over natural-born citizens and legal immigrants like myself.”

“I came here in 1999 from Israel,” he continued. “My whole family, we got citizenship in 2012. Went from L 1 to H 1 B to green card. So we went through the process legally and, you know, these people are going around the system and it’s really just not fair.”


Khavich thinks this is a troublesome trend occurring nationwide and chastised colleges for spending massive amounts of money to encourage illegal immigration.

“This is a worrying trend around college campuses, worldwide — nationwide that is. Especially the Leadership Institute’s Campusreform.org has really reported extensively on this,” he said.

“Colleges privileging illegal aliens in these programs. Diverting public resources towards them. Providing scholarship money, whatever. And I think it’s a really worrying trend that colleges are sort of enforcing this lack of respect for the rule of law. And that’s really what’s the case here is that they’re not respecting the rule of law,” Khavich concluded.

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