In-Home Spiritual Healer Charged With Inducing Miscarriage After Standing On Woman’s Stomach And Back


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In a bizarre case of spiritual healing gone awry, a New York man has been charged with sexual assault and illegally aborting a woman’s baby by jumping on her stomach.

Christian Robles, 32, allegedly assaulted a number of victims who came to him for spiritual services and healing, according to ABC News Wednesday. Robles also allegedly caused a woman who was six months pregnant to miscarry after he walked on both her stomach and back.

“The spirits of various saints would inhibit his body and interact with the victims through him,” the New York Police Department told ABC News, explaining that Robles would drug them to induce spirits within his victims and then engage with those spirits by sexually assaulting them. “He performed spiritual rituals.”

Police sources said Robles sexually assaulted at least five victims, both male and female, between 20 and 39 years of age, ABC reported. The police explained Robles would lure his victims in by giving them an oil-based drink, which would render them weak and vulnerable, and after he would cut their clothes away and sexually assault them.

Police also said Robles threatened his victims after the assaults, wielding a knife and promising to hurt them if they went to the authorities.

Robles allegedly charged $100 to $1,500 for his “spiritual” services.

Robles has been charged with two counts of criminal sex acts, one count of sex abuse, one count of illegal abortion and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. He also has a criminal history including fraud and larceny.

Robles’s three young children have been transferred from his custody to child services.

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