Ted Cruz Claims GOP Can ‘Claw Back’ Billions In Wasteful Spending With Trump Recession Bill

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Nick Givas Media And Politics Reporter

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas claimed President Donald Trump’s recession bill can help recover billions of dollars in wasteful spending, Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

Cruz believes passing the recent $1.3 trillion budget was a mistake and said it will only take 50 votes to pass a recession bill to try and “claw” some of it back.

“It [passing the budget] was a serious mistake and I think the president’s right to send a rescission package,” Cruz said. “The biggest advantage of rescission is that the Democrats can’t filibuster it. It’s a procedural vehicle that only takes 50 votes. So if Republicans just stand together, we can claw back some of that spending”


Cruz said he’s been speaking with other members of the GOP and has been urging them to vote “yes,” in order to obtain the 51 votes necessary in the Senate.

“I have been urging Republicans in the Senate. We have a narrow 51 vote majority. The Democrats are filibustering everything. We need to be using all of the procedural tools we have to pass things with 51 votes to get victory after victory after victory for the American people and reigning in wasteful spending is certainly something we ought to be doing,” he concluded. So I applaud the White House for doing that.”

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