Tucker Carlson Bashes Democratic Strategist Over Basic Biology

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson crushed Democratic strategist Christy Setzer over whether or not her party could campaign on saying there are only two sexes.


“To some extent, Trump is loathed by half the population. It’s his first mid-term. Historically they’re going to get seats,” Carlson said. “The question is where is the wave. One of the messages is, there’s no differences between the sexes. Biological reality is like fake.”

“Nobody is saying that,” insisted Setzer.

Tucker then asked Setzer about Democrats campaigning on the issue of two sexes.

“Would it be possible for a Democrat running for office in the Democratic primary to say there’s two biological sexes, male and female?” Carlson asked.

Setzer deflected saying that she would suggest to Democrats they “they talk about the economy” instead.

Carlson asked if she was joking, and that in fact Democrats are the ones pressing for changes like bathroom laws.

“Nobody imagined there were more than two sexes until 20 minutes ago,” Carlson said. “It was Democrats. It’s a big change.”

He continued, “Maybe biology isn’t real. It’s not a mainstream position. They spend a lot of time talking about it. Does it help?”

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