Blake Bortles Stops Alleged Thief From Stealing His Truck And Wallet

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter

If he wasn’t yet, rising star Jaguars QB Blake Bortles definitely just solidified his status as Jacksonville’s local hero.

According to multiple sources, Bortles and several of his teammates were at a house party at offensive lineman Brandon Linder’s house in Jacksonville, Fla., on Wednesday. Late that night, Bortles and Jags lineman Chris Reed noticed a suspicious guy lurking outside the property looking into Bortles’ truck. (RELATED: THE AWESOME REASON BENGALS FANS ARE DONATING TO BLAKE BORTLES)

When they realized he wasn’t invited to the party, they called the cops, worried he might cause an issue. The young man, 18, is named Joseph Horton and was supposedly held inside Linder’s house until all police arrived on scene. He was charged with burglary, grand theft and trespassing.

But once the cops arrived on scene and examined security camera footage, they realized the young alleged perpetrator indeed seemed to have suspicious intentions.

“Cops checked the surveillance video from the home and saw the man walk up from the street and get into Blake’s black Ford F-150 truck, which was unlocked with the keys inside,” TMZ reports. “Footage allegedly shows the suspect stealing Blake’s wallet — and then attempting to leave with the truck … but he was boxed in by other cars and couldn’t get out.”

It’s great to know that nobody was hurt during the incident and Blake Bortles didn’t get any of his stuff stolen. But it’s also hilarious to picture this kid being held inside an NFL player’s house while they wait for the cops to come. It makes you wonder what they talked about.

I’m sure this kid knew who Blake Bortles was. If I’m Joseph Horton, I’d be exceedingly embarrassed that I brought such shame to my city and tried to rip off our star QB. That’ll put a huge dent in your street cred.

Although Blake Bortles is such a cool guy, he probably didn’t even mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all shared a laugh at the end of this.

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