Sarah Palin Reacts To News McCain Regretted Choosing Her — ‘A Perpetual Gut Punch’

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The news that her former 2008 presidential campaign running mate regretted choosing her didn’t sit well with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who told Daily Mail it felt “like a perpetual gut-punch.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain’s new book, The Restless Wave, describes how he regretted picking Palin as his running mate instead of his good friend, then-Senator Joseph Lieberman. But Palin isn’t entirely buying into it.

“I attribute a lot of what we’re hearing and reading regarding McCain’s statements to his ghostwriter or ghostwriters,” Palin told Daily Mail, insisting McCain has told her an entirely different story in the past.

“That’s not what Sen. McCain has told me all these years, as he’s apologized to me repeatedly for the people who ran his campaign – some who now staff MSNBC, the newsroom there, which tells you a lot,” said Palin.

“I don’t know all the details of his condition right now. It happens to me also where people speak for me and a bell is rung, and you can’t un-ring the bell,” said Palin. “I don’t know unless I heard it from Sen. McCain myself.”

However, if the news is indeed true, Palin said she will “choose to remember the good times with him.”

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