Tucker Gets Into Heated Exchange Over Immigrant Assimilation

Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson battled attorney Raul Reyes Friday on whether immigrant families in California are assimilating to American culture.


“Since you’re throwing facts around — you’re kind of in the deep end of the fact pool here — what percentage of households in California right now speak Spanish at home, do you know?” asked The Daily Caller co-founder.

Reyes responded that he didn’t know the number offhand.

“Slow down, let me tell you – over 40,” responded Carlson.

Carlson then noted, “that’s the opposite of how we’ve always done immigration in the past.”

He added, “New immigrants must adopt our culture and our language and you have to do it thoroughly, but we are not doing that now.”

Reyes insisted that the American economy has “room to grow and that immigrants are the people who can drive parts of our economy.”

“I’ve reached the conclusion, you don’t care whether this is good for the country,” Carlson responded, saying that Reyes completely missed the point that new immigrants cannot perform new jobs considering “technology is destroying a lot of jobs.”

“They have the legal right as foreign citizens… What about my right as an American?” Tucker stated.

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