Bill Maher Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Married To The Mob’

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Liberal comedian Bill Maher finished his HBO show Friday night with a monologue comparing President Trump and his administration to the mob.

Maher began his segment with the claim that New York City is “not sending their best people” to Washington.

“Big personalities,” Maher said, “Colorful characters. Guys who eat on the phone. Human steamrollers who would manspread on a life raft. What the heartland used to call assholes.”

“And someone from real America has to tell me why you like these guys now,” he continued. “How did the salt of the earth people get hooked up with the salt in the wound people? It’s like watching the country music awards hosted by Andrew Dice Clay. What happened to values? What happened to good manners and monogamy? You’re the ‘my word is my bond’ people. These guys lie just to stay in practice. You’re all about an honest day’s work. Trump watches TV till noon. You’re frugal. They spend like identity thieves who’ve got a hold of your pin number. You’re stoic. Trump’s a whiny little bitch.”

Maher believes that the reason for the supposed contradiction is that Trump supporters saw their country being “taken over by liberals and feminists and elites — whatever — so you were feeling vulnerable and disrespected, so now you brought in some muscle from the East Coast for protection.”

So now, Trump supporters are, according to Maher, “married to the mob.”

“People call this presidency a ‘reality show’… It’s more like a Scorsese movie,” said Maher, who then began comparing Trump administration people to mafia caricatures.

“He is so much like a don his name is literally Don,” said Maher.


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