Make Your Morning Commute Productive With This Revolutionary Bluetooth Headset

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All the hours you spend on the road every day really begin to add up after awhile. Why not make this time you spend stuck in traffic productive? With the BulletDrive Headset + Car Charging Capsule, you can safely and legally turn your commute into an enjoyable and productive experience. For a limited time, you can get this completely wireless Bluetooth headset for just $79.99!

Normally $180, this bluetooth headset is 55 percent off

Normally $180, this bluetooth headset is 55 percent off

BulletDrive Headset + Car Charging Capsule on sale for $79.99

The BulletDrive Headset + Car Charging Capsule is one of the most advanced Bluetooth headsets on the market. Not only can you enjoy hands-free driving, but you can answer calls and listen to music with just the touch of one button. Plus, the BulletDrive headset will automatically connect when you get into the car. Utilizing an ergonomic and lightweight design, this headset provides superior comfort and portability.

The charging capsule was specially designed for cars. Simply plug it into any cigarette lighter or other 12V socket and you’ll always be at 100% battery. The sleek aluminum case also comes with a USB port so that you can charge a phone or tablet at the same time.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get the BulletDrive Headset + Car Charging Capsule for just $79.99 while supplies last. This is 55% off the original price.

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