Matt Schlapp And Bill Kristol Throw Down Over White House Leaks On CNN [VIDEO]


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Editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol said he was glad White House officials are leaking sensitive information to the press because it gives people a better idea of who is working for the president.

Kristol was debating American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp, who condemned the leaks as being harmful to the country and President Donald Trump’s agenda. (RELATED: Bill Kristol Predicts Democrats Will Sweep 2018 Midterms)

“Can you imagine … if you went into a staff meeting and you were trying to determine what you were going to talk about that day,” Schlapp told CNN’s “New Day” co-host Chris Cuomo. “And everybody has ideas and they bounce it around. And the next thing you know you’re reading about it hours later in the press. And this is the real problem with the Trump White House.”

“It’s a bit of a death match in there with certain staff. And they leak almost everything and almost any meeting they can get in. And it’s a big threat to the agenda.”


“I’m glad they’re leaking,” Kristol replied. “Because you know what, we get a little window into what kinds of people are working in that White House.

Cuomo interjected to agree with Schlapp, but Kristol said the leaks are indicative of Trump’s character and called the White House a “nest of vipers.”

“I will stand on the theory that the only politicians who don’t like leaks are the ones who are hurt by them,” Cuomo shot back. “I agree with [Matt’s] point.”

“If they can’t run their own White House well enough to stop people leaking — if it’s a vipers nest in there where they want to just poison each other,” Kristol said, “what does that say about the person at the top?”

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