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This Backlighting And Surround Kit Makes Everything You Watch On TV Immersive

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Whether it’s watching the game live, unwinding to your favorite comedy, or playing video games with friends, you probably use your TV as the center of many entertainment experiences. Since you use it so often, you’ve got to ask yourself: can I get more from it? With a DreamScreen HD Backlighting and Total Surround Kit, take your TV, movie, and gaming experiences to the next level for content that’s more immersive than ever before.

Normally $170, this backlighting kit is $15 off

Normally $170, this backlighting kit is $15 off

DreamScreen HD Backlighting and Total Surround Kit on sale for $154.99

This kit enhances any TV entertainment experience by making your favorite content more immersive. Just place the LEDs behind your TV, throw on your favorite TV show, movie, or video game, and sit back and enjoy. The LEDs react with the color pixels of what you’re watching at a responsive rate of 60 frames per second, making everything on the screen bigger, brighter, and easier on your eyes.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and featured on Gizmodo, Geeky Gadgets, and other tech publications, this kit also gives you convenient control over the lights. You can add a touch of ambiance to any room — even when the TV is off — by selecting the color and brightness of your choice, or by choosing preset options like Fireside or Ocean. So, not only will you enjoy content more vividly while the TV is on but also add some style to any room even when it’s off.

Immerse yourself in your favorite content with a DreamScreen HD Kit for $154.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s $15 off the original price of $169.99.