The Liberal Media Sure Hates Themselves Some Israel

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast…

The coverage of the violence in Gaza during the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem illustrated just how much the liberal media hates Israel. It’s amazing how quickly the same people who are eager to accuse others of being an “-ist” or a “-phobe” will engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric when it suits their political agenda. Reporters were claiming the “protesters” were unarmed in one breath, then admitting they did have weapons in their next breath. The uniformity outlets accusing Israel of violence was shocking. The New York Times headline was “Israelis Kill Dozens in Gaza,” for example.

It was across-the-board bias in one direction. The only conclusion that could be legitimately drawn is liberals hate Israel, if not just Jews.

Listen to today’s show:

Anyone else think it’s weird that no one asks the people who recruit them into “martyrdom” why they’re still alive? If someone is telling you that the key to eternity in paradise is charging soldiers with Molotov cocktails or strapping on a bomb and blowing yourself up, wouldn’t you say to that guy, “If it’s so wonderful and will bring about paradise…why are you still alive?” Yet that doesn’t happen. It’s a testament to just how the terrorist groups that control Gaza have so indoctrinated their citizens.

Monday, Seattle decided to commit economic suicide by passing a $275 per employee tax on the city’s largest employers. Amazon has threatened to leave and Starbucks may follow. This was done to “help the homeless.” How exactly creating more unemployment helps the homeless remains to be seen. Also a mystery is why homelessness is such a problem in a city controlled by “progressive” politicians for generations in a state controlled by Democrats for nearly as long. It’s almost like big government might be a factor in creating this problem and bigger government won’t fix it.

Betting on sports is now, or soon will be, legal in any state that wants it. People didn’t really have any difficulty betting on sports before, but now you can involve casinos and taxes. Not sure who, aside from politicians, was clamoring for this, but they’ve got it now.




Are head transplants the next medical breakthrough? Two doctors are working on it, which will open up a huge can of ethical worms…if ethics are still a thing.

The pope blessed a Lamborghini that sold for five times its value. Is the key to ridding the world of poverty having the pope bless everyone’s yard sale? Worth a shot.

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