HOT MIC: Trump Gaffes At Officers’ Memorial Service, Plays It Off Perfectly

Mike Brest Reporter

President Trump spoke at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service Tuesday, and the microphones caught a quick blunder.

Still, they also showed how the gaffe turned into a great moment between the president and the partner of a fallen officer.

The president invited the family of Detective Familia up on stage to honor and recognize their loss. They were accompanied on stage with her former partner, Officer Vincent Maher.

As Officer Maher shook the president’s hand, he gave Trump a challenge coin in honor of his slain partner.

In the video, the mic catches the president saying “great guy, friend of yours.”

The officer then responded with, “she was my partner.” He also added that he was there when she was killed.

The president, while shaking the officer’s hand, added, “oh wow, rough, fantastic person. I’ve heard that.”

President Trump then in a clearly impromptu manner, stepped aside from the podium and asked Officer Maher to say a few words about his former partner.

Last July, Detective Miosotis P. Familia was ambushed and killed while sitting in a marked police car in New York City. She was killed in an unprovoked attack and she left behind her three children. The gunman was later killed while police tried to apprehend him.

President Trump spoke at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service to honor the fallen law enforcement officers. He spoke about tragic stories of fallen heroes, while also reaffirming his unquestioned support of the police.