NY Daily News: Ivanka Trump Is ‘Daddy’s Little Ghoul’

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The New York Daily News called Ivanka Trump “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” on their Tuesday cover, seemingly blaming her for the deaths of Palestinians in Gaza.

Israeli Defense Forces shot down dozens of violent Palestinians trying to cross the border into Israel on Monday as the new U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem. Many of the Palestinian protesters were armed with rocks, molotov cocktails, incendiary kites and flaming tires.

The New York Daily News, apparently hoping to pin the clash on the Trump family, put a photo of Ivanka on the Tuesday cover with the caption, “Daddy’s Little Ghoul.”

“55 slaughtered in Gaza, but Ivanka all smiles at Jerusalem embassy unveil,” the caption continued. “A seemingly oblivious First Daughter Ivanka Trump puts on glamorous face for U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem on Monday while 50 miles away in Gaza, protesters remove one of injured in bloody clashes with Israelis.”

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