Rand Paul Would’ve Fired Kelly Sadler ‘If She Worked For Me’

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday that he would have fired White House aide Kelly Sadler for her disparaging comments about Arizona Sen. John McCain’s failing health.


“John McCain and I have had many spirited disagreements but we actually do agree on torture and Gina Haspel,” Paul said. The Kentucky senator added that he “tries to find agreement when he can with John McCain.”

However, Paul was absolutely sure about one thing when it came to his relationship with the Arizona Senator.

“Would you fire the person that said it?” asked Fox News host Neil Cavuto.

Paul said he would “if they worked for me.”

The comments made by Sadler were “obviously inappropriate and should not have been said,” Paul stated.

“When we can find agreement we should and when we have disagreements we should have them,” the Kentucky senator said, adding that disagreements should not become personal.

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