This Muti-Tool Boasts Over 43 Functions And Fits In your Wallet

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Are you a cycling enthusiast who loves being in the great outdoors? If so, the Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool is the perfect gift for you. Crafted in the USA, this tool is small enough to fit in your wallet but powerful enough to boast over 43 functions. Plus, you can take 20% off your purchase for a limited time.

Normally $90, this multi-tool is 20 percent off

Normally $90, this multi-tool is 20 percent off

Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool on sale for $72

If you’ve spent enough time on a bike, then you know the difficulties of dealing with mechanical issues while on the road. Whether it’s due to a flat tire or loose screw, you don’t want to be having bike problems without any tools. The Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool will allow you to always have a lightweight and minimalist toolkit by side so that you are forever prepared.

Fashioned from ultra-durable S35VN Blade Steel, the Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool is designed to stand the test of time. Each one of these tools come with a tire pry, hex wrench, truing fork, and much more. For an added bonus, you can even pop open a refreshing bottle of beer with the included bottle opener.

Get your Cyclist Card Everyday Carry Multi-Tool today for just $72. That’s 20% off the original price. This is a must-have for all true biking enthusiasts.

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