Tomi Lahren Takes ‘The View’ Hosts To The Woodshed

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tomi Lahren took a swing at “The View” on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning and challenged the ABC show’s hosts who mocked her ancestry to “take on Elizabeth Warren’s next.”

Lahren also called out Jennifer Mendelsohn for posting her genealogy on Twitter in order to attack the conservative commentator’s position on immigration. (RELATED: Immigrant Ancestors Are Not An Argument For Open Borders)

“What she found was really shocking, guys. She found that my family who came there, in the 1800s, from Norway and Germany, that they spoke Norwegian and German. Really what she did is prove that my family came here legally.”

Mendelsohn had published Lahren’s genealogy on Twitter after Lahren called for merit-based immigration on “Watters World” over the weekend, suggesting that she was a hypocrite because her ancestors still spoke their native languages years after arriving in the United States.

On Monday, “The View” hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar mocked Lahren’s advocacy for merit-based immigration — using Mendelsohn’s research to bolster their arguments.

Whoopi Goldberg challenged Lahren to rethink her position because “we all come from immigrants.” Joy Behar took it a step further, asking, “She talks about low skills. What exactly are her skills?”

Sunny Hostin wasn’t letting it go either, seizing on the information revealed about Lahren’s genealogy. “Her second great grandmother had been here for ten years yet spoke no English. Oh my gosh … So she doesn’t even know her own history. She certainly doesn’t know this country’s history.”

Through it all, Lahren pointed out the one thing her critics had accidentally uncovered: that her ancestors had all come to the United States legally.