Louisiana Lawmakers Get In Bar Fight, Apologize In Capital

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brest Reporter
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Two Louisiana state lawmakers, Rep. Stuart Bishop and Sen. Norby Chabert, got into a fist fight at a bar Tuesday night and both have since apologized for disrespecting the offices they hold.

The fight took place at the River Room on Laurel Street. While the police were called to the scene, neither lawmaker was arrested because both had left by the time law enforcement officials arrived.

Rep. Bishop told the House members, “The integrity of this body is one thing I cherish and hold dear. If I embarrassed any of you I truly apologize.” He also said that Chabert, “punched me several times.”

Bishop did not get any punches in on Chabert.

He then added, “The next time it will be dueling guns.”

The other lawmakers jokingly decorated Representative Bishop’s desk up as a crime scene, according to The Hill.

The fight started over a bill that Bishop blocked from Chabert as the chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, although the specifics were not stated.