Maxine Waters Thinks That Trump’s Hotel Is ‘Very Criminal Looking’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters said that the Trump hotel in Washington D.C. looks “very criminal” on MSNBC Wednesday.


MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked, “Is it problematic to you that the president and the Republican Party use and promote this hotel, the president is so clearly benefiting from?”

“Well, absolutely,” Waters said. “And you know, questions have been raised about that. And I think one organization that looks into this kind of thing….have, you know, asked for investigations into whether or not there’s a violation of the Constitution, or whether or not laws have been broken because obviously, it appears that the president is, you know, helping to direct business and he’s making money on it, and that there are those who are coming from foreign countries who are glad to comply with this request to stay at the hotel because they think they’re going to create some favor with him.”

“And so, it’s all very criminal looking,” Waters added.

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