Pit Bulls Kill Elderly Woman In Mississippi


Scott Greer Contributor
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A 75-year-old woman in Gulfport, Mississippi, was mauled to death by two pit bulls Wednesday morning.

Police quickly responded to a call from the woman’s neighbors who reported that she was being viciously attacked by the dogs. But the cops didn’t arrive in time to save the woman. She died from her wounds before an ambulance arrived on the scene, according to the Gulfport Sun Herald.

The owner of the two pit bulls, 32-year-old Deidra Craft, has been arrested by police, according to WDAM7. This is not the first time Craft’s pit bulls have gotten in trouble. In 2017, her two dogs broke into a neighbor’s yard and attacked a golden retriever.

That incident resulted in a misdemeanor charge for Craft. No charges have yet been filed in the fatal mauling and both pit bulls have been surrendered to animal control.

Pit bulls were responsible for nearly two-thirds of all dog-bite fatalities in America from 2005-2017. There are numerous cases of the dog breed turning on their owners.

Just last week, a pit bull owner in Iowa claimed his dog managed to shoot him with his own gun.

Last December, a Virginia woman who posted numerous photos of her two pit bulls online was found dead by police while her dogs chewed on her rib cage.

The data showing the disproportionate level of violence from pit bulls has led to calls for common sense regulation of the dog breed. (RELATED: It’s Time For Common Sense Pit Bull Regulation)

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