‘You’re Aware…’ — Sarah Sanders Swats Away Media Questions Outside White House

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders swatted away reporters who asked about North Korea Wednesday.


“This is something that we fully expected, the president is very used too and ready for tough negotiations, and if they want to meet, we’ll be ready, and if they don’t, that’s okay, also. We’ll continue with a campaign of maximum pressure if that’s the case, but like I just said, if they want to meet the president will certainly be ready.” (RELATED: Reporters Shout At Sarah Sanders As She Enters The State Dinner With France — She Makes Them Eat Snails)

She also said, “There’s not a cookie-cutter model on how this works,” she said in regards to North Korea.

“This is the President Trump model, he’s going to run this the way he sees fit. We all know that you’re aware that he’s the best negotiator.” (RELATED: CONFIRMED: Sarah Sanders Is One Of The 10 Most Admired Women In America)

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