‘Just Go Home’ — Trump Gives Democrats Nightmares With One Simple Line

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

President Trump dropped a line during a roundtable discussion Wednesday that will not make Democrats happy.

Trump said Democrats should “just go home.”


“With us is House majority leader, Kevin McCarthy, who has been a special friend of mine. He represents California’s 23rd congressional district, and he is very, very popular. I just recently saw a poll of Kevin–the opposition might as well just go home,” Trump said.

“Kevin–they love him out there and he’s done an incredible job. He brought it home. We appreciate it, Kevin, a great job you’ve done for the country.”

“Thank you very much. Unfortunately Congress — I have to say congressional Democrats, you take a look at what has been going on and what is going on with the laws, whether it’s catch and release and whether it’s any of the things that we’re fighting for it’s so hard.” (RELATED: President Trump Just Turned To An Olympic Athlete And Congratulated Her In The Trump-iest Way Possible)

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