Tucker Destroys New Mexico Candidate Who Claimed AR-15 Can Fire 150 Rounds In 15 Seconds

Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a New Mexico congressional candidate over his anti-NRA ad in which he said “F*** the NRA” and another ad saying an AR-15 can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds Tuesday.


Pat Davis, a New Mexico Congressional candidate, said “F*** the NRA” in one ad, and in another anti-NRA ad he stated that “lives are more important than gun company profits.”

Carlson asked Davis if it was true that an AR-15 could fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds, a claim Davis made in one of his ads, to which Davis responded it was true. Carlson then asked how exactly that would work.

“Would it have a 150-round magazine?” Carlson asked. “What would that magazine look like?”

Davis said that a 150-round magazine would look “exactly like the magazines that Las Vegas police officers pulled out of that hotel room.”

Carlson then dashed a hole in Davis’ claim, saying it’s “No AR-15 can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds, that’s untrue.”

“What do you think would happen to the barrel in 15 seconds if you put 150 rounds — it would melt,” Carlson said.

He then cut the interview with Davis short.

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