Why Hatred Of The Media Is Justified

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s episode of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast…

It’s not often such an obvious example of media bias comes along, but on today’s show we examine how a comment from President Donald Trump about violent MS-13 gang members was purposefully distorted by “journalists” to imply the president was talking about all immigrants.

Listen to the show to hear all about it.

Context is everything, and journalists from Andrea Mitchell at NBC News to the New York Times to Vox News deliberately lied about the context of Trump’s comments, calling MS-13 members “animals,” to feed the left-wing narrative that he hates immigrants.

It’s expected for politicians to lie to gain political advantage and paint their opponents in an unfavorable light, but so many journalists took the exact same spin and “reported” it as fact.

Vox News blamed Trump for their taking his statement out of context because he wasn’t explicit enough for their feeble brains. “It’s not clear who the president was referring to — whether he was simply picking up on Sheriff Mims’s reference to MS-13 gang members or referring to deportees more broadly. But the president didn’t exactly bend over backward to specify that not all immigrants deported by this administration are ‘animals,'” they wrote.

When you hear the entire audio, it’s unambiguous to anyone who hasn’t recently suffered a severe closed-head injury that the President was talking explicitly about MS-13. But liberal journalists never let the facts stand in the way of a good narrative.

It’s a disgrace. Context matters, which is why these liberal outlets refused to provide to their audiences.

The New York Times dropped a bombshell story yesterday, though not one they intended to drop. In a long story on how the Obama administration started their spying on the Trump campaign, the Times inadvertently exposed how the old story — that the investigation started because of George Papadopoulos got drunk in London and told an Australian diplomat about Russia allegedly having Hillary’s hacked emails — couldn’t be true because the spying started three days before the FBI even knew about the drunken ramblings of the low-level campaign volunteer.

Facts matter, or at least they’re supposed to. Unless the FBI has a time machine, their old story for how the investigation began was a lie.

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