Giuliani: We Would Be A ‘Laughing Stock’ If We Let Trump Testify

Fox News

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Thursday that he would be a “laughing stock” among lawyers if he let President Donald Trump testify in front of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade asked Giuliani to respond to criticisms of his legal strategy, particularly from people who say he shouldn’t be “poking the bear” by telling Mueller to wrap up the investigation.

“Somebody has to defend the president and that’s my job,” Giuliani said. “My job is not to roll over and let him beat the hell out of us. That’s what was going on before I got here.”

Giuliani said he could envision a scenario where the president sits down with Mueller, but added, “it depends on if they’re willing to be reasonable.”

“I mean, we’re gonna be the laughing stock of lawyers if we let him testify,” he said. “But you can be sure we’re only going to do that if there’s a way to shorten this thing.”

If you’re innocent you gotta fight back,” Giuliani concluded. “It’s a damn witch hunt.”

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