How You Can Learn To Code For Less Than $20

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The Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle is an affordable chance to take different courses in the most popular programming platforms, methods, and languages. Though focused on web development, the bundle has a huge amount of front and back-end instruction to apply across fields. You can get all 9 courses if you beat the seriously low average, or get a generous portion for whatever you can spare.

A $1,539 value, you can pay what you want for this bundle and get it for under $20

A $1,539 value, you can pay what you want for this bundle and get it for under $20

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle

5 of the 9 courses deal directly with web development. Start off with a good overall primer in HTML, CSS, and PHP to get your feet wet, then take two courses designed to give you deeper knowledge on the most-used language duos in the industry, PHP & MySQL, and HTML5 & CSS3. From here, you can head into the Angular JS course, where you’ll learn how to use the popular JavaScript-based, front-end framework. Finally, learn how to make web apps in the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

This bundle also provides a really fun introduction to Python. Python is a versatile front and back-end language for beginners that can be applied to web development, analytics, game development, as well as IoT work. For those who happen to come in with a some Ruby chops, there’s also a course that focuses on advanced concepts. If you’re interested in getting the jump on collaboration and batch-work, a course on Git is also thrown in that takes you from scratch to mastery.

All these courses offer high-quality instruction and the hands-on assignments you need to concretize your learning. There’s even a primer included on the Linux OS, just in case you’re curious, or looking for a brush-up from a development perspective. Take your career and expertise up a notch with the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle today.

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