Kevin McCarthy Slams Gov. Jerry Brown On MS-13

Mike Brest Reporter
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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ripped Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown for his staunch support of the state’s status as a sanctuary state.

McCarthy said, “Jerry Brown’s sitting there calling sheriffs, mayors saying they’re lying. What they are really doing is fighting for the safety and security of their own communities.”

He added, “letting convicted gang members back [are] making their communities unsafe.” (RELATED:How Many MS-13 Gang Members Have Been Arrested For Murder In The US?)

McCarthy also reiterated the story of Kate Steinle. He said, “Look what happened to poor Kate in San Francisco. She was murdered and San Francisco harbored the murderer. That individual had been deported five times and came back then shot a rifle that actually killed Kate Steinle. That should’ve never taken place and you should not harbor that individual.”

To add fuel to the fire, the president was misquoted as having called immigrants “animals.” Some news organizations were forced to issue corrections. President Trump was in fact referring to MS-13, a ruthless El Salvadorian gang that has infiltrated the United States. (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Doubles Down On Trump’s MS-13 ‘Animals’ Comment)