All Of The Bad People The Media Defended This Week

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The establishment media defended some incredibly scummy people this week, including Hamas militants intent on killing Israeli Jews and members of the violent MS-13 gang.

On Wednesday, Trump referred to members of MS-13, whose motto is “rape, control, kill,” as “animals.” The media falsely claimed that Trump was referring to all immigrants, but even when it became clear that he was talking about MS-13, several journalists still insisted Trump was wrong to call them animals. (RELATED: Media Falsely Accuses Trump Of Calling Immigrants ‘Animals’) 


The media also spent the week criticizing Israel for using force to defend its borders during protests of the U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem. Pundits repeatedly claimed that the Palestinian protesters were “unarmed,” despite the fact that they had incendiary kites, burning tires, slingshots, rocks and even handguns. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Bradley: Palestinian Protesters Were ‘Unarmed’)

On Wednesday, Hamas claimed that 50 of the 60 people killed in Gaza were actually its own operatives. (RELATED: Hamas Claims 50 Of 60 Killed On Gaza Border Were Terrorist Soldiers)

The media also seemed to align itself with Iran — a regime where members of parliament chant “death to America” — after Trump announced his decision to pull out of the Iran Deal. (RELATED: Iranian Lawmakers Chant ‘Death To America’ While Burning Paper American Flag) 

Some journalists suggested that U.S. would be to blame if Iran sought nuclear weapons, retaliated against the U.S. or engaged in terrorism.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked, “Is there any concern that pulling the United States, or threatening to pull it out of the Iran Deal precipitated or helped provoke Iran into the actions that Israel is pointing out now, in terms of missiles that were launched from Syria into the Golan Heights?” (RELATED: Heather Nauert Smacks Cuomo For Suggesting US To Blame For Iran Missile Strikes)

Some responded by signaling that massive unrest would come and fretted the U.S. was breaking a promise to its allies. Others praised Iran’s supreme leader for “trolling” Trump with a picture of him reading “Fire and Fury.” (RELATED: Journalists Praise The Ayatollah)

Thom Dunn, a writer for Upworthy, even propped himself on the same side as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, one of the architects of the September 11 attacks. Mohammed wished to testify against Gina Haspel because of her role in enhanced interrogation efforts with the CIA.

Dunn replied, “Did u Kno people who are bad can also still deserve to not be tortured inhumanely tortured.”

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