Reporter Vs. Marine: The Physical Fitness Test

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There’s bad shape, there’s good shape and then there’s Marine shape.

After weeks of going out to Marine Corps Base Quantico for various physical competitions against the Marines, my fellow reporter and I were finally starting to think we could hang. Of course, we were wrong.


In the fifth episode of “Reporter Vs. Marine,” we went up against a group of Marines in the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Despite some moral victories throughout the process, we were sent home defeated once again. (Reporter Vs. Marine: The Paintball Challenge)

A PFT is one of the most basic tests Marines have to pass, but this is the Marine Corps. Nothing comes easy. (Reporter Vs. Marine: The Breaching Challenge)

The PFT consists of three physical tests. First participants are required to hop on the pull-up bar to perform as many pull-ups as they can (correctly) in a two-minute period. Afterwards participants execute as many sit-ups as they can (correctly) in a two-minute period. Finally participants take part in a three-mile run to finish it off. Each segment of the test have passing scores according to the participants’ gender, age and weight. Failure to pass any segment of the test results in a failure of the PFT altogether.

Sounds easy enough, right? After the first two segments someone who considers themselves to be in good shape would probably start second-guessing themselves — especially going up against the Marines. (RELATED: A Reporter Goes Head To Head With A Military Dog. Guess What Happened Next)

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