Schumer: Conservative Media Manufactured ‘Relentless Parade Of Conspiracies’ On Mueller

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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New York Sen. Chuck Schumer blamed some in the Republican Party and conservative media for manufacturing a “relentless parade of conspiracies” about Robert Mueller’s investigation on its one-year anniversary Thursday on the Senate floor.


Schumer said, “We should all be aghast on this one-year anniversary of Mueller’s appointment at the smear campaign by the president and his allies.”

He continued that there was a “relentless parade of conspiracies manufactured by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and conservative media to distract from the special counsel’s investigation.”

Schumer listed these so-called “conspiracies,” claiming they ranged from “deep state leaks to unmasking requests, phone taps to Trump Tower, Uranium One … and the Nunez memo, these are all attempts to derail a legitimate and important investigation.”

“And by the way for all their ranting and raving and interfering they haven’t had a scintilla of evidence to support that this is a witch hunt, that this is unfair, that it is politically motivated,” Schumer continued. (RELATED: Former Trump Aide Michael Caputo: Mueller Team Is ‘Managing To Manufacture Crimes’)

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