Secretary Nielsen Scorches Dems For Defending MS-13 Gang Members [VIDEO]

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Henry Rodgers Capitol Hill Reporter

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen scorched members of the Democratic party for defending MS-13 members after President Donald Trump called them “animals,” in a Friday interview.

Nielsen said she was “horrified” by Democratic lawmakers’ comments defending the gang members whose motto is to “rape, control and kill,” in an interview on “Fox & Friends.” Nielsen said the lawmakers criticizing Trump for calling the gang members “animals” owe the president an apology.


“The president was very clear. If you listen to the paper or if you were in the room, it’s clear he was talking about MS-13. This is a gang whose motto is rape, control and kill,” Nielsen said. “The instances of brutality and violence they commit on communities is well documented — everything from sex-trafficked women whose head was bashed in 28 times to a gentleman who was stabbed 100 times, decapitated then his heart was taken out.”

Nielsen also said Trump could have called the MS-13 gang members something worse because for their horrific actions. (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi Defends Violent MS-13 Gang Members In Response To Trump, Says They’re Not Animals)

“If anyone wants to quibble about whether or not we should call those people animals, perhaps the quibble should be whether we call them something worse,” Nielsen continued. “Personally, I think those lawmakers owe the president an apology. They are misstating facts in a very dangerous way.”

“The president is trying to protect Americans and he is making it clear he will not stand for this violence in our communities, and here you have elected members of Congress pretending that he is talking about something entirely different,” Nielsen said. “It’s dangerous, it’s inappropriate and frankly, it’s just unprofessional.”

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