Take Your Amazon Echo Dot On The Go With This Battery Case

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Want to know the upcoming weather or traffic patterns? Simply ask Alexa and she’ll give you a straightforward answer right away. The problem with Amazon Echo is that it’s not very portable. When you add on 10 to 15 hours of portable battery time with the Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case, you can truly maximize Alexa’s usefulness. For a limited time, you can get this battery case for just $26.99!

Normally $40, this Echo Dot case is 32 percent off

Normally $40, this Echo Dot case is 32 percent off

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case on sale for $26.99

Simply connect your Echo Dot to the Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case and you can bring Alexa with you everywhere. The intelligent battery management system ensures you get a safe and efficient charge. Plus, you can even power up other devices through the USB-C charging port with a 7500 mAh power bank. The LED lights will help you keep track of the battery on this case.

The Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case is compatible with all 2nd generation Echo Dots. It can also work with other smart home systems, like Google Home Mini. Your purchase with come with a ZeroLemon warranty card for 365 days manufacturer guarantee.

Get your very own Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case today for just $26.99. That’s 32% off the original price.

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