Obama Education Secretary Believes Students Should Stay Out Of School Until Gun Legislation Is Passed


Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan argued on MSNBC Sunday that parents should keep their children from going to school until gun legislation passes.

Duncan, who served under former President Barack Obama, tweeted Friday that “it’s necessary” for parents to hold their children out of school and explained his point further on MSNBC. (RELATED: Dana Loesch: The Media ‘Has Got To Stop Creating’ Mass Shooters)

Duncan stated, “Well I think we have to create attention that hasn’t existed yet and I think only that kind of creative tension can push people to confront an issue that they’d been able to run away from, to hide from, for so long.”

“Either this body count, this loss of life, the killing of innocent children, is acceptable or it’s not,” he added later on in the interview.

Duncan also said that he believes this is a necessary course of action “because everything we’ve done before has been a failure.”

A New York school superintendent, Jim Manly, retweeted his support for Duncan’s plan.

The founder of Teach For America, Wendy Kopp, also tweeted her support for the proposed protest.