Former Trump Adviser Predicts Roger Stone Likely To Face Mueller Indictment

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg predicted Sunday on MSNBC that long-time Trump ally Roger Stone would probably face an indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

“He will get indicted on some stupid financial thing.”

Nunberg, who has referred to Stone as a mentor and even a father figure, told MSNBC’s Alex Witt that he called Stone just before his own grand jury appearance to warn him that his name was already involved. “My last phone conversation with Roger was the Saturday before my Friday grand jury appearance where I explained to Roger that I had received a subpoena and his name is one that I would have to hand over all communications,” he said. (RELATED: After Grand Jury Testimony, Sam Nunberg Says He Doubts Mueller Probe Leads To Trump)

Claiming that Mueller’s team was treating President Donald Trump and his associates like members of the mafia, Nunberg complained that gangster-turned-FBI-informant Whitey Bulger received better treatment from Mueller.

Nunberg went on to say that he does expect Stone to be indicted, likely on a financial matter. “He will get indicted on some stupid financial thing. He will eventually, I believe, beat it because that is Andrew Weissmann’s track record.”