Dershowitz Calls For Independent Investigation Into FBI Spying

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is calling for an independent investigation to dig into the 2016 election and uncover the truth about, among other things, allegations that the FBI was spying on the president.


Dershowitz asserted that a special counsel is the “worst way to get to the truth” because it is seeped in politics and partisanship and added that people don’t trust congressional committees.

“This election was not the finest hour. Whether there were infiltrations of spies put into the Republican camp, whether Strzok did have a hatred and an insurance policy, whether there was any cooperation with any Russian sources,” Dershowitz asserted, “we need to get to the truth!”

“The only way to get to the truth is an independent 9/11 type commission,” he said.

“You need a nonpartisan commission of experts — people who really can dig into this, people who really have experience and don’t have an agenda,” Dershowitz concluded.

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