Associated Press Bungles Trump-Mueller Fact Check

REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Associated Press tried to fact-check President Donald Trump’s tweet about the investigation into Russian collusion and ended up coming up short on facts themselves.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted about the many Democrats on Mueller’s special counsel team, noting that two of them worked for Obama for eight years and that they have found “no collusion.” (RELATED: Trump’s Fed Up With Mueller ‘Scam,’ Blasts FBI For Ignoring Hillary)

The AP failed in their attempt to fact check the tweet, as first pointed out by the Media Research Center.

They called Trump’s claim that Mueller’s team consists of Democrats to be “unsupported,” despite the fact that the majority of the attorneys on his team are Democrat donors. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Hired Yet Another Democratic Donor – This One’s A Former HuffPost Contributor) 

The fact-check continued, “Trump makes a false allegation that Mueller worked for President Barack Obama for eight years. Mueller was FBI chief for less than six years under Obama, leaving in September 2013.”

Trump’s tweet, however, does not say that Mueller worked for Obama for eight years — rather, it specifically said that two of the people on Mueller’s team did so.

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