Comedian Bill Burr Calls Out Intolerant Left Over Transgender Issues [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Comedian Bill Burr called out “fascist liberals” who “attack” him over transgender issues and tell him how to raise his own child.

The host of the show first asked the comedian jokingly if he planned to raise his one-year-old daughter by the “gender binary.”

“I would never do that to my kid. This kid has, like, a developing brain, I’m gonna dump my own constitution of shit on them,” the 49-year-old comedian explained during “Your Mom’s House” podcast Saturday. “That is, like, adult stuff and you should allow kids to be kids.”


“Can they have a fucking childhood?” he asked, adding, “I would never have some sort of political agenda.”

Second, the host asked if he planned to “force” his “baby girl” to be “recognized as a female.”

“What do you mean ‘force my kid?’ My kid’s a girl,” Burr responded before the host explained that, nowadays, it’s “kind of a form of child abuse” to force your child to have a gender.

“I don’t agree with that. Good luck [with] how you want to raise your kid,” the comedian said. “I’m going to raise my kid the way I want to.”

“Look, my daughter is a girl, and if she wants to work on carburetors or, quote, ‘do some guy shit,’ I don’t give a fuck,” he added. “I opened my mind. I listened to you. I don’t agree with what you’re saying. And it’s my kid and I’ll raise HER the way I want to.”

“You’re not liberal anymore. You are a fascist liberal,” he continued. “But this is the thing though: they are a very small portion of the population who know where the pressure points are, and they go after the advertising money and then everybody caves in; everybody has to live off of money, so everybody gets afraid. It’s a paper tiger, and everybody is folding. People are choosing self-preservation over logic.”