Meghan McCain Defends Second Amendment On ‘The View’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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“The View” cohost Meghan McCain defended the Second Amendment during a Monday panel discussion about the latest school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.


Joy Behar argued that school shootings are not about mental illness and said something needs to be done about guns, citing singer Kelly Clarkson’s comments about gun control at Sunday night’s Billboard awards. (RELATED: Kelly Clarkson Demands Action On Guns)

“We’ve had this conversation before and we’re always talking about gun control. We said before, OK — AR-15s, all semi-assault rifles, if they are banned, this won’t happen. That’s obviously not accurate in this case,” McCain chimed in. “He had a pipe bomb, a molotov cocktail and a carbon dioxide device, which, by the way, are things you can make in your house.”

The shooter reportedly used a .38 revolver and a shotgun and was not in legal possession of either firearm. (RELATED: Gov. Abbott: Texas School Shooter Illegally Possessed Weapons)

“It is jumped to automatically, and I would also like to say, what is it about — I know we don’t want to talk about mental illness, but what is it about young boys in our culture who are rejected by girls … and then your only option that you think is to somehow go and commit a massacre at your school against that girl?” McCain added.

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