Former Trump Aide: Roger Stone Is ‘Full Of Baloney’ On WikiLeaks Source

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Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg said Monday that Roger Stone having an inside source with WikiLeaks is untrue.


Nunberg said he warned Stone not to tout any connections with WikiLeaks and that he knew the political consultant had no connections, calling Stone’s comments on knowing an inside source “crap.”

“We’re performance artists — this is a game,” Nunberg said. “It’s in it for the election.”

Nunberg said he told Stone “even if the president wins, he’s not going to help you when you start getting prosecuted over this and get investigated for this, because that’s his M.O.”

The former Trump aide then said he and Stone differed on their approach to Wikileaks, and he continued to warn Stone that intelligence agencies would come after him for making claims he was close to group. He also said he doesn’t “blame Robert Mueller for looking into this,” and Stone’s comments are “a legitimate lead.”

Nunberg said of Stone’s connections to WikiLeaks, “On this, yes, I would say he is full of baloney.”

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