CNN’s Chris Cuomo Asks If Trump Is ‘Crossing The Line’ By Investigating DOJ And FBI For Intel Abuses [VIDEO]


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Host of CNN’s “New Day” Chris Cuomo asked if President Donald Trump is “crossing the line” by investigating the DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) for intelligence abuses.

“It doesn’t matter what your political stripe is. The truth is clear — the president is taking the fight to the Justice Department,” Cuomo said Tuesday. “He is going to go after the people who he believes are going after him. And it’s raising questions about if he’s crossing the line, will his own party speak up?” (RELATED: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Mueller Needs To Meet A ‘High Bar’ To Take Down Trump)

Cuomo was interviewing former Republican Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, but before Dent had a chance to answer, Cuomo asked and answered his own question.

“Forgive me if this seems cynical — call it out, if so. But I think that’s a rhetorical question. Will Republicans stand up against the president? The answer is no,” Cuomo continued. “They are assisting him — Devin Nunes, other members of this kind of formative cabal of people who want to prove that the administration of justice is dirty in this country. No Ryan, no McConnell — silence this morning. Your party’s going to let him do what he wants to do here, yes or no?”


When Dent finally got a chance to speak, he said the GOP will likely change its tune after November’s midterm elections.

“Well, for the moment I think that’s true. But the midterms will be a seminal test,” Dent replied. “I mean, this could be a very difficult midterm election and I suspect that after that election some views might change. I think we have to conduct much more rigorous oversight. And I’ve been concerned about this. I thought the intelligence committee in the House right now certainly is not functioning like it should.”

Dent also cautioned Trump against speaking out against former FBI Director Robert Mueller and said the president should allow the special counsel to do his job and wrap up the investigation.

“Right now my view is I’ve been saying all along that the president just simply ought to let Mueller do his job,” Dent concluded. “Stop interfering. As Trey Gowdy often said, if you’re innocent, act like it. And I think these interventions I think just cause more questions and more problems for the president than anything else. I think he should just leave it alone.”

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