Meghan McCain Strikes Down Identity Politics


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View” dared her cohosts to push identity politics in the 2018 midterms on Tuesday.

McCain started by criticizing the Trump administration for playing up the fact that Gina Haspel is the first female director of the CIA, explaining that she wants to get rid of identity politics entirely.


“I want to get away from identity politics, meaning, like, if you’re a woman, you automatically have to believe these things,” she said. “We should be picking the best candidates across the board for everything.”

Cohost Sunny Hostin responded by claiming people should aim to elect more women because female legislators are more likely to bring “women’s issues” to the “forefront.”

“For me, my ‘women’s issues’ are foreign policy,” McCain retorted. “And the idea that Planned Parenthood is the number one issue for women in America … it’s just false.”

Hostin doubled down on getting more females in Congress, to which McCain sassed, “If you go into midterm elections with that message, it’s not going to be the blue wave you think it’s going to be.”

“It worked so well in 2016,” she added sarcastically.

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