Sarah Sanders Nukes The Press Over Reporting On Iran Deal

(Photos: -/AFP/Getty Images and Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hit back at reports that the administration had no plan after the Iran nuclear deal was terminated.

Sanders tweeted Tuesday that the “Iran deal was one of the worst deals in history and didn’t guarantee the safety of Americans,” and stated that that was why Trump terminated it.

“Media said we had no plan,” Sanders said, “Wrong! Sec Pompeo unveiled our new Iran strategy yesterday. POTUS will ensure Iran has no path to a nuclear weapon.”

Sanders was referring to the plan unveiled Monday by the Secretary of State Pompeo. In a speech to the Heritage Foundation, Pompeo said that the administration would bring Iran to its knees with “unprecedented financial pressure on the leaders of the regime,” and sanctions. (RELATED: Reporter Shouts At Trump About Iran Deal — His Six-Word Response Is A Nuke)

There were multiple criticisms in the press that the Trump administration had no plan. The Nation published this month that Trump has no plan on Iran other than “war.”