Palestinians Want To Drag Israel Into International Criminal Court On Bogus Charges [VIDEO]

Anders Hagstrom | Justice Reporter

The Palestinian Authority claimed on Tuesday Israel was “brutal and calculated” in killing “unarmed” protesters on the Gaza border last week, requesting Israel be brought up on charges in the International Criminal Court.

Palestine’s supporters claim some sort of genocide of peaceful protesters took place, and they want the ICC to step in — even though it has no jurisdiction over Israel. The tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered on the border are anything but peaceful, however. Terrorist organization Hamas, which controls Gaza, frequently uses civilians as a shield to carry out attacks, and its leader heavily encouraged residents to join in protest. Protester attempted to plant explosives and repeatedly chanted, “Kill the Jews.” Fifty of the 62 protesters killed were active terrorists, Hamas also admitted. (RELATED: Palestinian Protests In Gaza Are Not Peaceful)

Without a police force, the ICC would have to depend on Israel arresting and punishing its own citizens, to comply with a verdict made thousands of miles away and with no reasonable authority. Moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was not intended to provoke Palestinians, David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, said last week.

The U.S. moved the embassy in order to recognize the “truth” that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel rather than to “provoke” Palestinians, Friedman said.

“We’ll be doing it from a position of facts, a position of truth, a position of reality,” Friedman said of negotiations in the peace process. “And no longer this fantasy that somehow Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel.”

“The Palestinians should understand, this was not intended to provoke them; it was intended to recognize Israel’s rights,” he added. “You know, we didn’t think the Palestinians should prevent Israel from having its capital recognized. It’s only been 3,000 years, right?”

The Palestinian Authority has been anything but understanding, however.

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