Quadruplets Will Part Ways After Graduation — To Four Branches Of The Military

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Michigan quadruplets Bryce, Rose, Mason and Nevin Lees will part ways after graduating high school as each enters a different branch of the United States military. The four are enlisting in the Navy, Air Force, Air National Guard, and Marine Corps, respectively.

Rose Lees wants to become a doctor, working in emergency medicine, and says that although she has always known that she wanted to serve, it will be difficult to say goodbye to her brothers. “We’ve been pretty close ever since we were little, and now we’re going down our own paths, so it’s kind of sad.”

The four said that they were inspired to join the military by a grandfather and brother-in-law who served and thanked their teachers for helping to put them on the right path.

Mason Lees told the local Fox News affiliate that they were blessed to have good role models in their teachers: “We have friends but we like to make deeper connections with I’d say our teachers. We kind of just get to know our teachers a lot better and get the connections. You don’t realize people’s lives are a lot different: they actually have stuff going on, not just grade our papers and stuff, they’re actual people.”

The quadruplets are just four of twelve Lees children, some of whom are adopted. Of those twelve, seven are graduating high school in 2018. Five, including the quadruplets, have said they plan to enter military service. Nevin Lees has already left home to begin training in North Carolina with the Marine Corps.