‘The Five’ Explodes When Richard Fowler Argues NFL Kneelers Are Showing ‘Reverence’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Fox News’ “The Five” got heated Wednesday when liberal talk show how Richard Fowler argued that NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem were only showing reverence.

“Jesus took a knee in the Garden of Gethsemane. Taking a knee. It’s always been a sign of reverence.”

Fowler was responding to the NFL’s new policy stating that players on the field would stand for the anthem, and players wishing to protest could do so by remaining in the locker room until the anthem was complete. (RELATED: Mike Pence Has A One Word Celebration After NFL Requires NFL Players To Stand For Anthem)

Fowler’s initial complaint was that the decision was made without consulting the players association. “It’s unfair. It’s not football without the players,” he said. He also called the new ruling “vague” and said it was intentionally written in a way that would “punish players for using their First Amendment rights.”

Dana Perino interrupted Fowler, pointing out the fact that she and cohost Kimberly Guilfoyle, who were not consulted with regard to the Fox News dress code, could wear things on the street that would be an exercise of their First Amendment rights but wouldn’t be acceptable on set.

“Kimberly and I can’t come here and wear t-shirts with a bad word written on them,” Perino said. “It’s against company policy, but it’s my First Amendment right to walk around in the street with it.”

That’s when Fowler turned the argument on its head, suggesting that instead of a protest, taking a knee was a show of reverence for the flag. “Taking a knee before this controversy was a sign of reference. Jesus took a knee in the Garden of Gethsemane. Taking a knee. It’s always been a sign of reverence. They are not putting a fist up. They are taking in knee when the pledge is happening.”

His cohosts couldn’t hold back their reactions. Pete Hegseth exploded, “don’t pretend they were showing any semblance of reverence. Are you really going to go there, Richard? That’s the king of ‘alternative facts’.” 

Guilfoyle noted, “that’s not how you kneel in church.”

Perino quietly scribbled notes, but it was Greg Gutfeld who got the last word. “I actually respect the way you’re going with this because it’s so clever.”