Trump Knocks Nancy Pelosi For ‘Defending MS-13’ Criminals

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump slammed Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi during a Wednesday roundtable on MS-13.

“Democrats have to abandon their resistance to border security so that we can support law enforcement and save innocent lives. I notice recently [that] Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, as an example, are trying to defend MS-13 gang members. I called them ‘animals’ the other day. I was met with rebuke. They said, ‘They’re people.’ They’re not people. These are animals,” Trump declared.

The president referenced Pelosi’s recent comments admonishing Trump for referring to MS-13 gang criminals as animals at a recent roundtable. “We are all God’s children,” Pelosi said, adding, “there is a spark of divinity among every person on earth, and we all have to recognize that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person.”

She continued, “So, when the President of the United States says about undocumented immigrants, ‘These aren’t people, these are animals,’ you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person?”