WATCH: Hamas Members Try To Cross Fence — Israel Swiftly Responds

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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An insane new video shows Israel Defense Forces shooting at Hamas fighters in Gaza after they try to cross a fence.


The description of the video on Liveleak reads:

“Hamas Militia men try to Invade Israeli Security Fence on the Border with the Gaza strip and place charges…. Shot by IDF soldiers. This is a part of the ‘Great March of Return’ lead by Hamas in the Gaza strip. 14/05/18”

This video is totally insane. These people, reportedly with Hamas, just run straight at the fence, and Israel responds swiftly. (RELATED: INSTANT JUSTICE: ISIS Terrorist Tries Planting IED — It Blows Up In His Own Face)

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recent interview that Hamas is “pushing civilians — women, children — into the line of fire with a view of getting casualties.”

“These things are avoidable. If Hamas had not pushed them there, nothing would happen. Hamas holds responsibility for doing this and they’re deliberately doing it,” he added.

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