CNN Discovers Devin Nunes Is Well-Liked Back Home

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN visited House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ district in California and found out that most of his constituents actually like him.


CNN opened the segment by noting that Nunes is “often accused of carrying water for President Trump” because of his work investigating potential FISA abuses and partisan corruption in the FBI.

However, when CNN reporter Kyung Lah got to his district, she discovered that most of the constituents she spoke to really appreciated the job he is doing in Congress.

“Here, all we can do is vote for someone hoping they can do something there,” Lillian Krider said, asserting that she thinks Nunes is the guy who can “do something.”

“For Devin Nunes, these registered Republicans are squarely in his corner,” Lah said in a voice-over as the camera panned over a group of elderly women eating in a diner. “Especially when he’s an attack dog for Trump.”

“I like that he does stick up for our president,” Krider added. “I mean, the president is our leader whether we agree with him or not.”

“I appreciate his honesty and his being open with the people,” another supporter explained.

When the report ended, anchor Jim Sciutto wondered if the Democrat challenging Nunes for reelection would be able to put up a close race.

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