Juan Williams: Trump Gave Patriotic USNA Speech For Ratings

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Fox News’ liberal commentator Juan Williams claimed on Friday that President Donald Trump gave a patriotic commencement speech to U.S. Naval Academy graduates because he wanted higher approval ratings.


Trump addressed the Naval cadets during their Friday graduation and asserted that he was going to put America first and touted his recent spending bill giving $700 billion to the military. (RELATED: Naval Academy Grads Cheer Trump: ‘America Is Back’)

“You know a lot of people enjoyed this Juan — I hope you did too,” “The Five” cohost Kimberly Guilfoyle said.

“No,” Williams asserted. “Let me just say, this speech was about America first, it was wrapped in patriotism, he wrapped himself in the flag, he wrapped himself in the military…he wants them and their stamp of approval and their high approval ratings among the American people to transfer to him.”

“You think he is giving a rousing, patriotic speech to boost his approval ratings?” Jesse Watters asked.

“Yes,” Williams declared with enthusiasm.

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