Pamphlets Explaining How To Illegally Enter Canada Found In New York

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canada’s Conservative opposition blasted the Trudeau government Thursday over a pamphlet that tells people how to illegally enter Canada. As Global News reports, the document was found in Plattsburgh, New York — not far from the Quebec border — that has seen almost 30,000 asylum seekers walk across over the past year and a half.

Quebec media outlet TVA first reported news of the pamphlets, which can be found in hotels and at the Plattsburgh bus station.

The pamphlet provides some helpful hints to would-be illegals, such as the price of a cab to the unofficial border crossing ($77.50), the name of the police force that will be waiting for them (the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and a reminder to not leave any luggage on the U.S. side: “You can only cross one time, so all baggage must be carried over together,” the pamphlet explains.

There is even a contact number for Canadian legal aid, something border-crossers can immediately apply for after being detained by police.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel referenced the pamphlet in Thursday’s Question Period at the House of Commons, as she suggested the ongoing border crisis is a direct result of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lax border security policies. She has previously blamed Trudeau’s infamous “Welcome to Canada” tweet, which many saw as an open invitation to the refugees of the world, for the continuing border crisis.

“We’ve been hearing about the fact that information has been disseminated in organized fashion, encouraging people to illegally cross the border into Canada … for many months now,” the Calgary Member of Parliament said.

Speaking to reporters in the foyer of Parliament, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the Liberal government is not too concerned about the pamphlets circulating, so long as they don’t have “incomplete information” that could “mislead people.”

Hussen insisted, “If you don’t need Canada’s protection, you should not use the asylum system. And if you do, you will be removed from Canada.” Just last week, Hussen admitted that less than 1 percent of the “irregular” border crossers had actually been removed from Canada.

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